“save water……

“save water for future. because people who lived before you had saved water for us…..”

we must save water. Because now a days most of the people suffer water scarcity. it is due to the overuse of water. the intervention of man is also included.

  • sand mining
  • deforestation
  • overuse of underground water
  • reclamation of wetlands
  • destruction of hills
  • concreting the premises of the house.

these were the actions of men are responsible for the non availability of pure  water.

we must do anything for the conservation of water. otherwise it may led the countries to water scarcity.

Now a days the people says that the girls have no time to study, because they want to collect water from out of their village. we must do anything about it. we can also join with the “INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF WATER CONSERVATION-2013”


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